From its Old Town architecture to its burgeoning café culture, Bratislava is now becoming a must see destination for those travelling across Europe.

We want to provide you with some of our favourite parts of Bratislava and give you some advice that will save you time and money.

Flying to Slovakia?
The M.R. Stefanik Airport is closest to
Bratislava. From the airport you can get into the city centre for around €1 on a bus, which is far cheaper than paying for a local taxi.

Note: Remember before you get on the bus – buy a ticket and validate the ticket on the bus otherwise you could be fined!

First Stop – Bratislava Castle Likened to an upside down table, Bratislava Castle is perched high above the cityscape. Whilst the castle has been a fortress for former monarchies, it now has opened its doors to the public and now contains a museum. Whilst you are at the castle we recommend you take a walk around the castle grounds and make sure to get that snap overlooking the city.

Nedbalka Gallery – The best place we found to understand the history of Slovak art was Nedbalka Gallery. The gallery, based on four floors, takes you on a journey through modern Slovak art and you will see how themes such as repression and revolution have influenced art over the last two centuries. The gallery provides you with a device for you to interact with all exhibits and this is a very useful tool to help you understand the origin of each piece. The inside of the gallery resembles the Guggenheim Museum in New York.

Best View – UFO Tower The unusual UFO Tower sits on top of Bratislava’s New Bridge and is a 5 to 10 minute walk away from the Old Town. To access the tower you will need to pay around €10 in order to take an elevator up to its restaurant. If you want to get to the observation deck you will need to climb a few more flights of stairs to get those snaps overlooking the city – if you are afraid of heights this is probably not the best visit for you!

Devin Castle – A 20 minute bus journey from the city centre, take the 29 bus from under the Bratislava New Bridge (Novy Most bus stop) to get to Devin Castle.

The castle was once a strategic stronghold controlling the shipping lanes on the Danube and Morava rivers, until Napoleon’s Army blew it up – despite this the castle still boasts impressive views. Make sure to walk around the back of the castle to grab that snap of the Maiden Tower.

Quick Tip: For any public transport if you can’t find a ticket machine go and speak to a newsagent as they usually sell them.

Best Place To Eat – Our favourite place to eat in Bratislava is Bistro Soho (Laurinska Street). Situated in the Old Town, Soho specialises in Asian cuisine and provides a relaxing environment away from the busy streets. A main course meal will cost around €10, the food quality and efficient service make this is a place you must try. As this venue fills up quickly, we recommend that you book in advance or try its twin restaurant on Dunajska Street.

Quick Tip – If you are going to eat in tourist areas, always check the price of food on the menu before ordering, as some restaurants tend to increase prices. Also service charges are normally not included in your bill either.

Best Place To Drink and Dance – KC Dunaj  Don’t be put off by the entrance to KC Dunaj, the venue is a firm favourite amongst young locals (18 to 40). During the day you can sit back and relax on its balcony garden overlooking the city; and at night you can enjoy the live entertainment it has to offer, from DJs to indie bands – a night venue that should be on your list.

Hidden Gem – Slovak Radio Building One of the most unusual buildings you will ever see. Shaped like an inverted pyramid, the building was built during the communist era. The building now houses a concert hall and is currently still being used as a national radio studio by AIRTVS. Whilst this building has featured on several of the ugliest buildings in the world lists, it is strangely appealing and a good example of communist-era architecture. You can get to this building by taking the Route 1 tram.

The majority of attractions in Bratislava can be done within two full days, so bear this in mind when planning your trip. With capital cities such as Vienna and Budapest both within short distances, Bratislava is an ideal stop on your tour around Europe.

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