Nine Things You Should You Do In Munich

Munich is the Capital Of Bavaria, with its grand shopping boulevards and beer halls, it has something for everyone!

We want to share with you some of what Munich and the surrounding area has to offer; and provide you with some tops tips to help reduce your spending and enjoy your time even further.

1. Where To Book Your Accommodation– Munich has high accommodation costs – even within its hostels. We advise you to look at accommodation in the outer suburbs of Munich, where there are plenty of households on Airbnb who offer low rates.

We stayed in Allach-Untermenzing a friendly residential area in the outersuburbs, close to the S-Bahn transport system. Not only was this option cheaper, but we got a fantastic experience with a German family!

2. Your First Visit – Munich City Museum – At a cost of 7 Euros this is a value for money must see and should be the starting point for your stay in Munich. The museum provides a history of the City from its inception to today and explores some of the city’s key cultural and historical themes: puppetry, music and national socialism. If you don’t speak German, make sure to get an audio guide as the museum’s information is all in German!

3. Hidden Gem – The Asamkirche. The Asamkirche is a unique church hidden away on a busy high street. The church was built in the mid-18th century as a private chapel by the Assam brothers. Now open to the public, you can take in the impressive interior baroque decor, architecture and paintings. We advise you to ‘pull up a pew’ and absorb the exceptional level of work that has gone into designing this small church.

4. Best Place For Your Instagram Shot – Neuschwanstein Castle – The home of the Mad King Ludwig, Neushwanstein Castle is situated south of Munich in the foothills of the Alps. Accessible by train from Munich Station, Neuschwanstein is said to be the castle that inspired Walt Disney to create the theme park, the Magical Kingdom.

Make sure to book your castle tickets in advance to avoid the long queues at the ticket office and head to the Marion Bridge for that perfect fairytale shot! To reduce your train costs make sure to purchase a Bayern ticket.

5. Best Place To Eat – Farmers Market Situated in the city centre is the Farmers Market, a place where you can grab a light snack from a local independent business. Many stores sell takeaway food, so we recommend on a cold day that you buy a soup from one of the kitchens and share a table with the locals.

6. Best View – Marianplatz Town Hall The Town Hall building can’t be missed as it overlooks the main square (Marianplatz).

The building offers tourists access to its tower to view the cityscape. The tower can be accessed by the main courtyard entrance and costs 3 euros – the good news is that there are no steps to the top! Another good tip is that the rest of the building is accessible to the public and has some spectacular gothic revival style staircases which you may wish to snap!

7. Dachau Concentration Camp – Just on the outskirts of Munich is Dachau Concentration Camp which held political prisoners and Jews before and during the Second World War. A tour of the camp is a sobering experience and a stark reminder of the horrors of the war. Make sure to pay a deposit for an audio guide from the main entrance building.

If you don’t have a car you will need to get a shuttle bus from Dachau Train Station. These buses run frequently and are well signposted.

8. Best Place To Relax – English Gardens Situated next to the city centre, the English Gardens provide a distinct change to the hustle and bustle of the surrounding area. The gardens contain historic buildings, a Chinese beer garden and a winding river. One of the most unusual things about this park is that the river is a favourite for local surfers, as it has an artificial wave at its south end – this is a must see for your trip!

9. Final Top Tip – You may come across things that you will find hard to understand if you are not a German speaker, e.g. Munich’s transport ticket machines. If you do get stuck just ask someone near you for help! Everyone we spoke to was very friendly and solved our problems quickly.

Munich has much more to offer and you will need at least two days to explore the city and the surrounding area attractions.

Here are some notable landmarks that didn’t quite make it into this blog but are worth a mention: Olympic Park, BMW Museum and Theatine Church.

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