Eight Tips For Your Trip To Prague!

Prague the capital of the Czech Republic is packed full of history, art and quirky experiences. From the world famous Charles Bridge through to the Beer Halls – Prague has something for everyone! We want to give you eight tips to ensure that you can make the most of your time in Prague, whilst also saving money along the way.

1. Where To Stay – If you are looking for somewhere cheap with quick transport links into the city centre, then we recommend looking at accommodation in Prague District 7. Just a short 10 minute tram journey away from the tourist hotspots, District 7 feels like a young and upcoming area with many small independent restaurants/cafes. Rents in this area are far cheaper than in tourist hotspots, so do consider this area when booking your accomodation – Airbnb will be your best bet! 2. Go and See Prague Castle – Overlooking the city is Prague Castle. Whilst it may be a long climb to get to the castle grounds, it is definitely worth it once inside. The grounds are made up of several buildings built during different time periods. The most prominant, St Vidas Cathedral, has some of the most beautiful Gothic architecture and stained glass windows you will ever see. Also make sure to visit the Golden Lane and its tiny houses – they were built for the people who used to work at the castle many years ago. 3. Best View – Take A Trip To Petrin Hill Tower. Petrin Hill Tower is located just west of the city centre. It is accessible by Finicular at the bottom of Petrin Hill or you can take a 30 minute walk up to the top. When you get to the top, you will have a further short climb to the top of the Lookout Tower – which is the highest point in Prague. The Tower has by far the best panoramic views of Prague and is essential for your photo album. The tower does have a cafe so if you need a drink/food after your ascent then you can go there. Also the tower does shake slightly at the top due to the wind, so be wary of that! 4. A Must See – John Lennon Wall. The wall originated in Prague following the death of John Lennon, where local students began to draw his images on the wall. As more and more images began to appear it drew resentment from the local police and eventually led to a clash between local students and police. Today the wall is now owned by the Government of Malta and is the only place in Prague where you can lawfully graffiti; and has now become an essential part of any visit to Prague. 5. Hidden Gem – Vysehrad Cemetery. Just a short metro journey south of the city centre is Vysehrad Cemetery, filled with the graves of some of the most famous Czech people from the world of art, science and politics. What makes Vysehrad Cemetery different is the grandiosity of the graves, with beautiful sculptures and monuments. The cemetery is not a tourist hotspot, so you can enjoy a relatively peaceful walk around these grounds – there is a fee for entering the Basillica, but not the cemetery! 6. Most Quirky Place To Visit – Adult Machines Museum. If you are looking for something quirky and different, then the Adult Machines Museum based within the city centre is the ideal place for you. The museum has several floors dedicated to the history of adult contraptions and how their designs have evolved over time. The museum also has its own adult cinema, showing some of the old adult classics from the early-20th century. The museum isn’t seedy and does provide a degree of fun which you won’t get anywhere elsewhere. 7. A Must See – Charles Bridge. Possibly the most iconic symbol of Prague is the Charles Bridge that stretches over the Vltava River. The bridge is always busy with tourists! During sunrise you will find people having wedding pictures and during the evening it will be filled with entertainers – so be prepared for crowds. A little tip which not many people know about, is that you can pay a small fee to climb to the top of each bridge tower which will give you a unique view of the bridge and the crowds below. 8. Best Instagram Photo – In the Prague Castle grounds there is a bronze statue entitled ‘Youth’. The statue is of a naked young male and there is a specific section on the statue where if rubbed will bring you good luck for the rest of the year. This is a favourite amongst tourists and is a snap you don’t want to miss! I will let you look at this further by clicking here. Prague has so much more to offer that wasn’t included in this article; and you really need at least 2 days to explore most of Prague. Other attractions that deserve a mention that weren’t included in this article are: Karlstejn Castle (outside of Prague), Prague River Cruise and the Astronomical Clock.

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