6 Steps To Stop You Getting Scammed When Booking Your Holiday

Booking that dream holiday is exciting, especially if you have been saving up for a long time.

Yet some holidaymakers continue to fall for the same pitfalls by holiday companies and airlines that increase the overall costs of their holidays and in some cases cause them to lose their money.

We want to provide you with the right tactics needed to reduce your overall costs so that you do not fall victim to the same consumer traps.

1) Do your market research. Get on those comparison sites and find out the best deal for you. For those looking for a bargain: Fly4free, Flightor, Kayak and Skyscanner websites have the cheapest deals above going. Find the deal on these websites and then go direct to the travel companies to book the same holiday – you will save even more money.

2) Always book directly with the company. If you do not book directly with the airline or hotel you are risking an additional 30% increase in your transport and living expenses. Some resorts will openly promote a direct booking discount on their website, so make sure you check!

3) When booking online always use an incognito search browser and delete your browser history/cookies. Websites can identify when you have visited their website through your IP address; and can increase the price if you have clicked on a specific destination/hotel several times. Keep yourself hidden!

4) Make sure your package holiday is ATOL protected. There are cases of people booking holidays with fraudulent companies and losing thier money. To prevent this from happening make sure your holiday is ATOL protected, this will ensure you don’t lose money or become stranded if the holiday business collapses.

To find out whether your holiday company is a signatory to ATOL then click here.

5) Check the reviews for your booking. An easy way to see whether a holiday company is legitimate and provides a good service is by looking at their consumer reviews. Make sure the company has a large number of reviews on a legitimate reviews website. Make sure they have a high rating and also check the quality of the reviews – some could be fake.

The best places to look for company reviews are TrustPilot and Tripadvisor.

6) Reduce your costs by going on free tours at your destination. On sites such as Tripadvisor you will find tours that are free and have excellent reviews. Consider going on these as you are not obliged to pay for the tour – although you will be asked at the end. Eitherway it will likely be cheaper than other similar tours and prevent you from pre-booking a tour with a fraudulent company in a different country.

Make sure you use these tips when booking your next holiday and they will help you save and protect your money!

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